Hours after posting $250,000 bail, Chris Brown broke his silence on his arrest and said he was focusing on music. Looks like he wasn't lying.

Breezy just dropped a new track on his Soundcloud called "What Would You Do?" and you can listen to it above.

He was released form jail earlier today after being arrested for assault of a deadly weapon. The charges come from accusations by a girl named Baylee Curran, who was visiting Brown's house early Tuesday (Aug. 30) morning. While there, she claims she was admiring some jewelry when Brown started yelling at her, pulled a gun and pointed it at her.

But some people on social media have noticed that Curran is telling differing versions of the story. In one version, she actually touches the jewelry, but in another interview, she insisted she didn't.

50 Cent, meanwhile, thinks she was trying to steal something from his boy Breezy. Brown and his lawyers maintain the accusations against him are false and that he did nothing wrong.

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