Fresh out of jail and with no intention of making another appearance behind bars, Chris Brown has vowed to change his life and clean up his act so he never has to step foot in a jail again, according to TMZ.

While admitting a lot of his violent tendencies are his personal wrong doings, TMZ reported the singer blaming his recent erratic behavior on the bad influences around  him, i.e people and drugs. Brown is making a pledge to refrain from all negative activity and people, especially those related to gangs.

After recently being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, doctors now have Brown on meds and confirm he'currently in a stable state.

Initially ordered to serve 131 days behind bars, Brown was set free around midnight after serving 108. The Virginia native still has to attend rehab and participate in routine drug tests.

Brown will have to revisit the courtroom on June 25 for the D.C. assault trial.