While Chris Brown might be celebrating the success of his chart-topping studio album X, others in his circle are focused on pushing him away from negative influences. Brown's mother, Joyce Hawkins and on-again-off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran are desperately eager to rid him of his affiliation with the Bloods.

According to recent TMZ report, Hawkins and Tran are so worried about Brown's relationship with gang members they've hired a therapist to reason with the singer about dropping all ties with the Bloods and starting new. By hanging out with the wrong crowd, Brown may ultimately jeopardize his career and safety.

TMZ also reported LAPD has contacted several clubs in L.A. to refuse entry to Brown and his entourage, because violence has had a tendency to follow the crew wherever they go. Brown's family and friends believe he doesn't realize the danger he puts himself in and worry his life may be on the line.