Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are going at it on Instagram. The former lovebirds are taking shots at each other in lengthy posts on the popular social media platform stemming from the singer's beef with Soulja Boy.

First, some context is needed to understand the entire situation. Earlier today (Jan. 3), Soulja Boy claimed Chris Brown wants to fight him because SB left heart emojis on Tran's Instagram photo. Soulja alleged that Breezy called him yesterday to tell him he's pissed at him for flirting with his ex-girl on IG.

Now, C. Breezy is responding to Soulja's claim. “This is the funniest shit ever, seriously now," Brown types. "This nigga has an imaginary beef then act like I called him!!! NEVER HAPPENED! Let me let the cat out the bag for all the readers…. I commented on her pics for this fact only: SO THAT NO MATTER HOW STUPID I LOOKED, SHE WOULD FEEL POPPIN I HAVE THE MEANS AN CONNECTIONS TO CONTACT HER. Y’all soaked it up. I love it #stay classy.”

After that, Tran got involved and added her two cents, essentially saying the whole Twitter beef is stupid and corny. “This isn’t cool or funny,” the 28-year-old Tran writes. “It’s draining not just for me but for everyone. There’s so much more out there in life then 'Twitter beefs.' But anyways.. second off.. trying. to. make. me. feel. poppin? You talking about your old song 'Poppin'? You know what makes me feel poppin? Getting up and going to set.. walking in my apartment and seeing my Emmy with my name on it.. giving away shoes and feeding the less fortunate.. being able to provide for my family with my own $$.. that's what makes me feel good about myself."

Chris Brown then responded again, saying that nobody asked for Karrueche's opinion. You can check out all of these posts above and below via Instagram.

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