Just two days after the start of his feud with Chris BrownSoulja Boy apparently saw the error of his social media ways and issued an apology to all the folks he's dissed over the last two months. The thing is, it looks like he and C. Breezy are still going to throw hands, and their battle is going to be on pay-per-view.

Late Wednesday night (Jan. 4), Chris Brown used his Instagram account to announce that a boxing match between himself and Soulja has been set. For his post, he uploaded a video of someone re-enacting Soulja's most recent conflict and commented on how much people seem to be feeding off the negativity.

"@adamscherr99 @wweaallday21 @spifftv it's been amazing to see how many people tune in to negativity," reads Brown's caption for his Instagram PSA. "NOW THAT WE HAVE YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.... BOXING MATCH SET. Legally. Man to Man. NO MORE DISSING AND NO MORE BULLSHIT. ME AS A BLACK MAN, looked back at my actions on social media and what I though of myself is this... 'CLOWN.' SO THIS ISNT AN APOLOGY. IM TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY IGNORANCE. @adrienbroner @floydmayweather @50cent WE IN THE RING WIT IT. TAKE YA BETS NOW. #CELEBRITYBOXING CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. #stayclassy #OHBSPORTS @twincharlo @futureofboxing."

Just yesterday (Jan. 4), Soulja tweeted that he wanted to have a boxing match with C. Breezy. Despite renouncing his beef with the "Loyal" performer that same day, it appears that Soulja is on board with the fight. He posted the official promotional poster for the bout on his Instagram page late last night. We already know 50 Cent wants to promote the celeb throwdown.

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