Chris Brown calls out TMZ for posting what he calls a false story.

Breezy took to Instagram to share the photo above, saying the popular gossip site needs to "stop with this bullshit." TMZ posted a story entitled, "Chris Brown Settles Beef Over Gay Pride Gig," in which they explained the mix up between Brown's camp and the promoters for ATL Black Gay Pride Weekend. The article explained that Brown was booked to perform at the event on Sept. 7, but he never received details of the performance. Breezy allegedly was not told about the show by the talent agency that booked it. They believed the event's promoters to have breached their contract by using the wrong photo of Brown on their posters and never relayed the information.

According to Chris Brown, he was never booked for the event in the first place and TMZ's "sources" have got it all wrong. In the Instagram post, Brown alleges that TMZ writers "love to say [he's] homophobic" and only posted the false story to garner traffic to their website. He challenges the site's creator Harvey Levin to "focus on real issues" and find "outlets for young gay men/teens and women to be more open and comfortable about coming out." Read the entire post above.