Back in June, Brown revealed the album would drop this fall. The announcement coincided with the release of his latest single "Liquor." The new album will be the follow up to 2014's X which came out last September after suffering from several delays due to his legal issues and other factors. While Breezy has managed to stay out of the headlines for legal matters, has hasn't managed to avoid the limelight totally. Last month, his house was ransacked and his aunt was held hostage when robbers burst into the home when he wasn't there. Just a day later he was temporarily held in the Philippines over a contract dispute. Then, there's the back and forth with his child's mothers that seems to be never-ending. But compared to just a year ago when it seemed like he was getting into some kind of legal trouble once a month, this recent stuff is nothing.

Brown didn't give away an exact release date for the upcoming project which should be dropping in the next couple of months. Look out for the video for "Liquor" which is dropping soon.

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