Chief Keef got an expensive present for his birthday. The Chicago rapper's manager Idris "Peeda Pan" Abdul Wahid bought Keef a new Rolls Royce for his client's 21st birthday. The "Don't Like" artist went on Instagram today (Aug. 15) to show off the new ride. You can check it out above.

The Windy City rhymer is no stranger to lavish gifts. Just a few months ago, the RAW rolling products company gave Chief Keef 5,000 pre-rolled papers as a housewarming gift. For the average smoker, that amount would equate to more than a decade’s worth of papers. On top of the ridiculous amount, 500 of the papers were a foot in length.

Chief Keef might be enjoying plenty of presents for his birthday, but he also decided to give his fans one. The rapper unleashed two tracks on the world to coincide with his born day.

The first song titled "Police" sees Chief Keef employing a lackadaisical flow over an airy production. The second track called "Run Em Ova" features the MC's heavy use of Auto-Tune paired up with a hard knocking beat. The two records offer a stark contrast that all Keef fans should enjoy.

If these new songs aren't enough to satisfy your Chief Keef listening needs, make sure to check out his latest mixtape Camp GloTiggy if you have not done so already. The 18-track project dropped back in May and features the production of super producer Zaytoven

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