Back in December, a snippet of a Chief Keef and Zaytoven collaboration called "Check It Out" hit the net. Now, the full version of the track is here for your listening pleasure.

Zaytoven's production on "Check It Out" is much more subdued than his usual beats. That sets the stage for Chief Keef who keeps it pretty simple on this one with various bars about what he's checking out.

"Hit the doctor for a check up then I'm checking out"Why you steady looking at me bitch, check it out/She step outside the box then I check her out/Like a halfway house, I'm checking in, checking out/I'm checking my car for bugs, checking my car for dubs/I'm checking my car for change just to give to the club/Folk nem check the spot now we gone come through, line 'em up/Check 'em in the torture house, drown his ass, tie him up/I check my money, better be right when I count it up/I go to sleep, what the fuck I see, Cap and Blood/Folk nem said they had to check and make sure that I'm acting up/Feet hit the concrete, hopping out the swan doorsI got a package coming in and I was checking the time for it/These Louie shades, little mama, these ain't no Tom Ford's/The bitch was checking me out, so I walked out the door/I was checking for racks, for cheese, for green, for lawn mowers," Chief Keef raps.

The most exciting news around Chief Keef as of late is his reunion with longtime collaborator Young Chop. The drill tandem that helped generate hits years ago are working together again as Young Chop revealed that Chief Keef would be appearing on his upcoming album.

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