Charm Killings

If you’re sick of the same old eye candy, allow us to introduce you to Charm Killings, featured model in Far East Movement ft. Snoop Dogg’s “OMG” video, who is brand spanking new to the modeling game. Despite clocking less than 365 days in front of the cameras the 22-year-old California girl has already built a strong resume sturdy sense of humor. Asked her sexiest attribute, Charm jokes, “Ummmmmm, so many, I don’t know – my personality?” Far from shy, the fun-loving fresh face is quickly building a following, thanks largely to her ample (34D- 24-39) curves and easygoing attitude.  That’s not all either, check out our chat with Charm for Six Things You Should Know.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My real name is Jessica, Charm is more fun. Everyone’s name is Jessica. Killings is my real last name though. My favorite song right now, I would have to say “Make It Rain.” Don’t laugh at me. I like it. I think it’s funny.  I also love Jeezy. That’s my favorite rapper, probably.  I liked working with Jay Sean, he was really really nice, but I’ve never worked with anyone who was hard to be around. I’ve never had a problem with any other models either. I’m pretty cool with everyone I’ve worked with.  The best part of my job is not having to do my own hair and makeup. That’s fun. I like getting glammed up.

She’s Deeply Rooted

I’m from the Inland Empire, it’s like an hour from Los Angeles, but I live in North Hollywood now. Growing up I was athletic, but I was like – a girly girl.  I am Portuguese, German and black. My mom is black and my dad is Portuguese and white. I never meet people who are the same mix as me. I’ve only met one person who was Portuguese and black. What do my parents think about my modeling? They’re supportive of everything I do as long as I’m happy.

New Kid On The Block

I just started modeling last summer. I’ve only been modeling around eight months so I’m really new… Fresh meat!   I did the Far East movement video ft. Snoop Dogg “OMG” video that hasn’t come out yet, I just did the Slim Thug and Baby Bash video “Swananana.” I also just did the Big Sean and Chris Brown video “My Last,” I was in Bow Wow “Pretty Lady” and Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj "2012." I’m in a lot of videos. I can’t even tell you all of them. I don’t have any crazy stories yet. I’m just starting so, so far I haven’t gotten any stalkers. I’ve been in Show Magazine and I’m going to be on the cover of the next Black Men’s Magazine with Keyshia Dior and KimBella.

Up For Grabs

I’m very single right now. I’m not looking. I don’t like to look, but if it happens I’m not opposed.  In the bedroom I like a guy who takes charge. I’m more laidback. I like a guy who is funny and that’s probably the most important quality to me—a good personality, someone who is funny. I don’t have like a certain type. I like somebody with swag who has a good personality.  My turnoffs? I hate people who talk down to other folks, or think they’re better or show off a lot. I don’t like show offs! My big crush… I don’t have a lot of crushes but I like Travie McCoy. I love him, he’s so cute. I like all kinds of guys but I like him, he’s like my crush.

Inspirations and Aspirations.

What inspires me? Just seeing other people do good makes me want to push myself farther. I wouldn’t try to say I’m trying to go in any direction that anyone is going that’s modeling though. Being a model is not that hard. It’s pretty easy.

I’m hoping to move onto the next thing before I become oversaturated. I want to do hosting and I’m about to get started on some acting classes, but I don’t want to pursue acting until I’ve started with the classes. I don’t want to look like an idiot.

Bare Naked Lady

As far as my favorite costume, I did an army shoot recently and that was fun. Being naked… depends on the setting. It can be a little uncomfortable but you just have to get used to it. I’m pretty comfortable. I’m not self-conscious like that. Sometimes I want around naked at home. I wear anything to bed. I wear sweats, I could be naked. I don’t have a certain thing I wear every night. —Janee Bolden