Kanye West's Ye album was assisted by a large cast and crew of artists who all visited Yeezy's happy place in Jackson Hole, Wyo. and put in work on the album. Chance The Rapper was one of the MCs in that number but, strangely, according to the Coloring Book rapper, none of his contributions to the project made the cut. He's still not sure why.

Last Friday (Oct. 5), Chano sat down with Joe Budden on The Joe Budden Podcast to share the news. Of course, the topic of his relationship with Kanye and the controversial rapper's new music came up. Chance admitted to having weird feelings about West's latest effort after essentially wasting two weeks of his time working on the album.

“Ye invited me out and I brought my family and we worked on some tracks," Chance revealed. "None of the verses that I wrote or anything that had an influence on was on the album."

The situation left Chano feeling some type of way. “I think like you have to understand my perspective of the music is how it affects me or the artist affected me before," he added. "So I have a weird understanding of Ye because I stayed there for two weeks and then when I left, nothing that I had put forth for the album — I didn’t have any verses for me rapping myself, but stuff that I helped working with ‘Ye on, verses and stuff weren’t on there. It was different verses that he spit. So I have a weird relationship with it because it came out of nowhere.”

Kanye has told fans that he and Chance are working on a joint project called Good Ass Job, but according to Chance, they have yet to actually put anything down as 'Ye continues his solo mission.

Check out Chance revealing his feelings on Kanye's Ye album below.

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