Chance The Rapper may not be releasing a new album this week, but the rapper surprised fans on Thursday (July 19) with four new songs. The Chicago MC hopped on Twitter on Thursday morning to share his latest tracks, "65th & Ingleside," "Work Out," "I Might Need Security" and "Wala Cam" featuring Supa Bwe.

Up first is "I Might Need Security." Produced by Chano himself and Smoko Ono, with additional contributions from Peter Cottontale, the track is built around a sample of a Jamie Foxx routine from his stand-up special of the same name.

The track finds Chance calling for the resignation of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. "And Rahm you done I'm expectin' resignation/An open investigation on all of these paid vacations for murderers," he spits.

On "Workout"—the Nate Fox, Lido and Nico Segal-produced track—Chance is a bit more positive, as he tries to see the glass half full in bad situations. Rapping over a synth-infused beat, Chano spits, "I know that my girl's trust is a luxury/I don't want my next album sounding all Usher-y/But I must confess, I must confess/For every single ex, I want the best/I really wish you nothing but success."

Chance also teams up with fellow Windy City rapper Supa Bwe on "Wala Cam." Produced by Greg Landfair, Carter Lang and Lido, the track, which is named after Chicago's Wala Cam TV, finds the two rapping over a bouncy instrumental.

"Big ol' booty gotta jump, gotta juke me/Gotta plan, gotta duty/Gotta dance, gotta boogie/I'm a fan, gotta stan/Gotta cam, it's a movie/Make my gram look like Cannes, like in France," Chance raps.

The Emmy-nominated rapper connects with Landfair, Cottontale, Fox and Lido one more time for the song "65th & Ingleside." Full of frantic drums and keys, Chance opens up about his relationship with fiance Kirsten Corley, detailing the early days of their relationship and how they got to where they are now.

"Your sister owned the house we lived in/On the east side that you rented/Little two flat, inexpensive/I didn't have a glove to pitch in/I didn't have a pot to piss in," Chance raps. "Not to mention Ingle City/Not a lot of jobs with pensions/All my raps was about suspension."

Listen to the Chano's new songs and check out the cover art below.

See the Covers for Chance The Rapper's New Songs

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