Today, Chance the Rapper asked his followers a simple question on Twitter: what are the three best songs on Kanye West's The College Dropout album?

He didn't give them much time to answer before providing his own answers: "All Falls Down," "Family Business" and "We Don't Care" are his personal favorites.

When Acid Rap came out in 2013, the opening song "Good Ass Intro" was recognized as having a strong Kanye influence. With its partial gospel flavor combined with some juke rhythms, "Good Ass Intro" might have even been a prescient sign of the music to come from Yeezy, since he's calling his new LP a "gospel" album.

Chance and Kanye have been spotted in the studio before and radio personality Big Boy teased Chance's name when he snapped the first pic of Kanye's notepad in the studio. At the top of the year, Chance also joked about artists finding out they aren't on the new Yeezy album.

Anyone who's seen Chance the Rapper perform live might have been able to guess that "Family Business" is one of his favorite cuts from The College Dropout; in 2015 he premiered a live cover version of the track at the Summer's End Music Festival in Arizona, followed by a studio version of the song with an accompanying video clip.

Whether Chance the Rapper will be on Kanye West's upcoming album remains to be seen, but it'd be a bit of a disappointment if he's not. The trajectory of his past work meshes well with Kanye's experimental style, so it'd make a lot of sense to see these two Chitown natives collaborate.

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