Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd cover GQ Magazine's February issue. In a new interview with the fashion publication, Chance discusses his similarities to Kanye West, his spending habits, his thoughts on a Donald Trump presidency and more. There's also video of Chance in the studio which you can watch below.

"I don’t think I ever wanted to be like Kanye in personality, though," Chance says. "I think I definitely want to, have always wanted to, have his boldness or assurance in myself. But I’ve definitely seen Kanye do things where I was like, 'I’d never do that.' I’ve always been able to defend Kanye. When everybody’s like, 'Kanye’s a nut, Kanye’s a nut,' I’m one of those guys saying, 'No, he’s saying some real shit.' Like when he went onstage with Taylor, I was, like…well…Beyoncé kind of deserved that."

Chance goes on to say that he can understand where Kanye is coming from with some of his more controversial public stunts. However, Chance says he wouldn't do a lot of the things 'Ye does, because he's always wanted to be "more of a person that people enjoy" and "somebody that will make you laugh. I’m talking about just my personality, not necessarily how my music sounds. Because I believe I’m a disrupter like Kanye in a lot of ways.

"Being around Kanye, Kanye says crazier shit in private than he does in public, which is hard to believe because he says the craziest things in public," said Chance. "He does have a filter. He’s not a liar or somebody that is going to sugarcoat things when he does speak. But Kanye’s said some crazy shit to me where I respond, 'No, I don’t feel you at all.'"

Speaking about the upcoming Trump presidency, Chance says, "You gotta just understand, like, shit has been fucked-up, right? Like, 'Make America Great Again,' that’s not a real thing because shit ain’t really switched up for them. It’s not really going that bad for you. If you feel like you’re the under-represented, under-appreciated side of Middle America that is white - quote me - you need to, uh, toughen up, nigga! Somebody gotta punch you in the chest, because shit is sweet for you."

In case you missed it, be sure to check out how Chance ranks his favorite Kanye West albums. You can read the interview in full via GQ Magazine . The Weeknd article is slated to drop tomorrow (Jan. 12).

GQ Magazine
GQ Magazine

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