Chance The Rapper's debut has been a long time coming, but it looks like it'll be worth it. According to a story in February's GQ, the 21-year-old from Chicago has secured guest features from J. Cole, Frank Ocean and Andre 3000 himself. Though at press time there are no further details as to the songs or the album that will house them, those three turns alone should create a considerable amount of buzz for Chance.

Acid Rap, the mixtape that acted as a catalyst for his breakthrough to national audiences, saw Chance collaborate with Ab-Soul, Action Bronson, Twista and Childish Gambino, with whom he also toured. It also sported features from local artists like Saba, Noname Gypsy and Chance's longtime partner in crime (and fellow XXL Freshman), Vic Mensa. That record's penultimate song, "Chain Smoker," paid tribute to Ocean, where "Frank Ocean-listenin'" became one of his most evocative descriptors.

Since Acid Rap, Chance's own music has retreated back into more experimental territory, all while his profile continues to rise. He has collaborated with massive artists like Justin Bieber; he has also eschewed a solo project in favor of his work with instrumental collective The Social Experiment. Their project, Surf, seems to be dropping imminently.

Elsewhere in the GQ piece, Chance talks about how much inspiration he draws from the stage production of The Lion King. "The musical-theater aspect of the show that we want to do is a lot about exclusivity," Chance says. "I think creating a space that you can only see in the moment is really important. I like the fact that some of your favorite Broadway musicals are not made into movies."

There is no word yet on when Chance's debut can be expected.