By virtue of his name, Casanova should be a lover and not a fighter. But recent allegations levied against the rapper by a woman who claims she was assaulted by Cas and his crew threaten to prove otherwise. The Brooklyn rapper addresses the turbulent situation he finds himself in on the new track, "Gonna Love Me (Remix)," released on Sunday (Aug. 19).

Cas goes in over Teyana Taylor's "Gonna Love Me" track from her recently-released album K.T.S.E. and doesn't hold any punches, rapping about how the situation has caused stress in his relationship. He later flat out denies the claims against him.

"She said I broke her jaw, how you figure that?/Only time I hit a girl is when it's from the back," he spits over the R&B track. "Bottom line that bitch a liar/But I should have been at home and not the diner/Why the hell I'm up in Good Stuff with hoes when a nigga already got that good stuff at home?"

As previously reported, Niya Rucker has accused the rapper and his crew of roughing her up at The Good Stuff Diner in Manhattan earlier this month. She claims the rapper mistakenly thought she was filming him when she was actually trying to get footage of her meal on the 'Gram. Rucker claims a man then yoked her up in a chokehold while the "Set Trippin" rapper grabbed her arm, took her phone and removed the video. As a result of the assault, the woman was left with a broken jaw, a tooth knocked loose and in the need of stitches.

Cas has denied he assaulted anyone but turned himself in to police after a warrant was issued for his arrest on Wednesday (Aug. 15). He now faces robbery charges. Since then, footage of the assault has come out.

Listen to Casanova's side of the story on his "Gonna Love Me (Remix)" below.

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