How many guns does it take to make the club go up? In the new video for their happy-go-lucky collaboration, "I Like Tuh," Carnage and iLoveMakonnen re-imagine their world as one filled with ill-defined drugs, tattooed assassin twins, nemeses in stripper outfits, murderous Elvis impersonators and a hundred other things that only exist in the most bizarrely cartoonish minds in pop music today. "I Like Tuh"'s video is just over nine minutes long, complete with a handful of segments that feature no music at all. It opens with two warring Graceland flunkies, fighting over a bag of blue pills emblazoned with frowning faces. One kills the other, then himself falls victim to a poisoned blow dart to the jugular. And that's when things start to get weird.

Parading through a fictionalized version of Echo Park, the tracksuited twins make a killing, before being targeted by the cold-blooded women who own that turf. When they make a play for the money and/or drugs in the boys' makeshift home, things turn into the party that "I Like Tuh" has always promised.

Fair warning: While the video sports a whole lot of gun-waving and the kind of sexual tension you remember from those spring break editions of TRL, you're probably not prepared for the last 45 seconds or so of the video. Grab an adult if you have to.