If you're a follower of Drake's Instagram account, then you know that the rapper likes to flex on the 'Gram every once in a while. Just when he decided to get his ’fit off—headband included—and showcase his abs, DJ Carnage decided to clown Drizzy for the photo.

On Thursday evening (May 16), Drake shared an Instagram photo of himself showing off his abs while donning black shorts. "I forget what it's called but I remember the feeling," the Toronto rapper wrote as the caption for the image.

This prompted Carnage to hop into Drake's comment section and go in. "You got fake ab surgery in Columbia you ain't foolin anybody," he wrote. Drake fired back, "Carnage is this cause you are angry about the one thing that happened with that one person the other day that you thought was your wifey." Ouch!

Carnage may be referring to Joe Budden's claim in 2016 that Drake allegedly went to famed plastic surgeon Dr. Michael "Dr. Miami" Salzhauer to enhance his body. While all that is rumors, Drake is known to post videos of himself training hard in the gym as well.

Back to the photo. Houston-based entertainer Clyde Webb chimed in with his comment about Drake's pic too. He jokingly wrote, "Thought you was a model on this one huh? Fashion Nova Swim Ad lookin ass."

But Drake shut him down and squashed any talk about a beef between him and Carnage. "Hahahaha aye relax we friends in real life."

Check out Carnage and Drake's tit-for-tat on the 'Gram as well as Drake's abs-of-steel photo below.

champagnepapi via Instagram
champagnepapi via Instagram

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