Fans have been waiting months for Cardi B to drop her debut album but according to the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, it appears the project will finally be releasing soon.

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday (March 11), Bardi revealed the release date for her debut while accepting the award for Best New Artist.

"I'm going to thank a lot of people because a lot of people helped me with my success so here it goes," she said, doing her signature "OKurrr" sound. "I want to thank my publicist, Patience, I want to thank my team, Pardison and Ev, I want to thank Atlantic, I want to thank my family. Um, who else? I wanna thank my man, eyum! I want to thank my fans, Bardi Gang, because, ’cause even when I'm wrong they be like, 'She still right.' And I want to thank my haters too because [begins laughing] because they be downloading my stuff so they could hear it and talk crap about it but it benefits me."

After thanking her team, fans and everyone else in her life, Cardi told the crowd. "My album will be coming in April, OKurrr. Yessir. April. Stay tuned, muthaf... ow!"

While an exact date is still unknown, it's not the first time the "Bartier Cardi" rapper announced a release date for her debut album. Performing at the Made in America festival in September of last year, Cardi told attendees the project would be dropping in October.

The album was then delayed due to the rapper wanting to take her time with it. "I have a lot of pressure on me," she tweeted in November. "I have songs stashed up. I just don’t think they qualified for my album. Sometimes i think is ready sometimes i think it’s not so I’m going to take my time till it’s right."

Cardi also told The Breakfast Club she was having a tough time picking out the right songs for the album. “I wanted to drop [in November],” she explained at the time. “Every single time I think I got all the 10 songs I’m like, I’m buggin'. These ain’t it. It’s just like, damn I’m competing with myself. I’m competing with the goddamn No. 2 record [on the Billboard Hot 100] and stuff.”

Check out Cardi B's acceptance speech below.

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