The latest rap feud to capture the attention of the rap world is the ongoing war of words between Dipset founders Cam'ron and Jim Jones, with both sides airing their grievances and giving a glimpse into the inner workings of their relationship. With the bad blood between the two boiling over after the two sent shots at each other throughout 2016, Cam and Jim have continued to extend their back and forth into 2017, and the whole ordeal has the hip-hop community talking.

Jim Jones first set off the firestorm after announcing his new partnership with former rival Jay Z's Roc Nation, stopping by Hot 97 to chat with Funkmaster Flex about his issues with his former friend, which date back to the mid-aughts. The interview, which lasted for more than an hour, included a slew of allegations and revelations that caught many fans of the Dipset collective off guard. Among Jim Jones' claims was his displeasure with Cam'ron's leadership regarding the Dipset crew and his lack of support in his own endeavors.

The "Ballin'" rapper also alleged that he felt betrayed by Cam'ron and that he felt his former partner failed to show reciprocation for all he had done to protect him from harm throughout the years. But one of the more intriguing tidbits was Jones revealing that despite his title, he never had a stake in ownership in the Diplomats brand.

With the hip-hop community abuzz about Jim Jones' statements, Cam'ron quickly announced his plans to tell his side of the story, which he did on Feb. 11 via Instagram Live. XXL compiles a few of the more interesting things we learned from Cam'ron's lengthy chat.

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    Ma$e Taught Jim Jones How to Rap

    Cam'ron says that Jim Jones originally got his start as a rapper after Ma$e suggested that Jim Jones try his hand at rhyming. He went as far as teaching Jim how to format his writing and giving him pointers on the craft. "Ma$e was like, 'Yo, Jomo, if we gonna be with you, learn how to rhyme," Cam'ron recalls when giving a rundown on how his relationship with Jim Jones began.

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    Jim Jones Didn't Get Cam'ron Out of His Record Deal

    Jim Jones mentioned helping getting Cam'ron out of his record deal with Epic Records during his conversation with Funkmaster Flex, taking credit for gathering the goons that accompanied Cam to the label's office to wreak havoc on the employees. However, Cam remembers the situation differently.

    "Luca [Brasi] had most of the niggas," Cam'ron recalled. "Luca had 20-25 niggas, but you know how Jim makes it seem like he grabbed a bunch of niggas and they went down there, nah, Luca Brasi grabbed them niggas."

    While he admits that Jim Jones did recruit a few troops of his own to join the cause, Cam'ron says that Luca Brasi was the true source of the muscle.

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    Cam'ron Breaks Down the Infamous Rucker Park Fight

    A fight that occurred between Jim Jones and members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. has been referenced multiple times throughout hip-hop history, including by Jim Jones himself, but Cam'ron addresses the situation for the first time and explains that he had nothing to do with the fight.

    Cam'ron also notes that Lil Cease's claims that he had chased the Dipset leader and beat him up during the fight was a lie. Apparently Cease later reached out to Cam to squash the beef and that the two no longer have problems with each other.

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    Cam'ron Says Jim Jones Attempted to Start a Fake Beef Between Them

    One of the reasons Cam'ron says he started to view his relationship with Jim Jones in a different light was allegedly due to Jim suggesting the two concoct a fake beef for publicity. "He [was] like, 'Yo, Cam, let's act like we got beef,'" Cam'ron recalls of the conversation.

    He alsp recalls his displeasure with the idea, adding, "I'm like, 'Why would we act like we got beef? All we gonna do is confuse the fans and make them pick sides. That don't even make sense.'"

    According to Cam, Jim was disappointed in his refusal to partake in his plan, and was the start of the end of their dealings. "He was disappointed that I wasn't with the shit," Cam states.

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    Cam'ron Trademarks the ByrdGang Name Without Jim Jones Knowing

    Cam's relationship with Jim began to go awry with the emergence of ByrdGang, a rap collective Jim Jones started around 2006. They even released the M.O.B.: The Album together in 2008.

    "I start seeing ByrdGang shirts. Now mind you, Jim started forming his own crew, he was still fucking with us, but he start forming his own crew," Cam shares.

    After inquiring about Jim Jones' intentions, Cam'ron claims Jim's response was that ByrdGang was an offshoot of Dipset, but Cam took extra measures to ensure everything was aboveboard.

    "What I did was, I'm just being totally honest, I copywrote the name ByrdGang, 'cause I'm like, if you not trying to do nothing sheisty or separate yourself, it shouldn't matter if I got it, what's the big deal?" Cam explains. "I'll just hold it and put it to the side since you not doing nothing."

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    Cam Creating "Tricky Ricky" Shirts Was The Start of Beef With Jim Jones

    Jim Jones' relationship with his wife Chrissy is one of the more high-profile relationships in hip-hop, but was also the genesis of the downfall of his partnership with Cam'ron.

    Cam, who takes ownership for his actions, admits he was the match that ignited the fire to their beef. "I was dead-wrong for this and this is where the whole shit collapsed at, this is where the whole thing went downhill, I'm being totally honest. Jim met Chrissy, and when he met Chrissy, he had been liking Chrissy his whole life, he loved Chrissy," he starts.

    Cam goes on to explain that Jim began splurging on Chrissy, buying her expensive gifts early in their relationship, and decided to have fun at this expense.

    "I made these T-shirts a.k.a. Jim Jones is a trick," Cam'ron explains, adding that the back of the shirt included names of friends the two had in jail that felt Jim was spending more on Chrissy than supporting his friends. "If I could do it over, I swear to God, I would do it," Cam'ron adds, showing contrition for what was an ill-advised idea.

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    Jim Jones Is Emotional

    Fans who tuned into Jim Jones' interview with Funkmaster Flex took note of the rappers' display of emotion, which included him shedding a few tears when speaking of his history with The Diplomats. But Cam'ron was unmoved by Jim's tears, as he revealed in during his IG live stream speaking on the tension between the two.

    "Jim is emotional, he said it on the show, he's mad emotional. He does things off emotion," Cam'ron explains. "He's like that, I'm telling you he's gonna do that," Cam continued, before adding "that's just the way he is, ain't nothing wrong with that, he's just an emotional guy."

    He also went on to reference occasions where Jim cried on reality TV and concludes that his tears were not a big deal in his eyes and is typical of him when worked up.

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    Cam'ron Never Had Any Paperwork With Jim Jones

    During Jim Jones' interview with Funkmaster Flex, he insinuated that he felt he was never properly compensated according to his role in building The Diplomats, but Cam'ron views the situation differently.

    "I never did no paperwork with Jim," he sates. "Me and Juelz had paperwork, Juelz was signed to me. Me and Jim never did a deal, ever. I never made him sign papers, he's my man."

    Although Cam admits he did ask to "eat" off Jim Jones' own first solo album, On My Way to Church, in 2004,he maintains that they had the same accountant and that Jim's claims that he had no stake in the Diplomats was a lie.

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    Mendeeces Breaks Down His Own Issues With Jim Jones

    One of the reasons that Jim Jones mentioned that he and Cam'ron were at odds was Cam's relationship with Mendeecees. The rapper allowed Mendeecees to tell his side of the story regarding his beef with Jim.

    Calling in from prison, Mendeecees reveals his past dealings with Jim and how their relationship quickly eroded. "We never really had a relationship, he's just, like a funny style nigga, so I kinda fell back from him, Mendeecees recalled. "Max B told me he wanted to meet me so I figured what he wanna meet me for, maybe he wanna make some money or something, but when I found out he wanted that basically ended our relationship right there."

    Mendeecees goes on to give an account of how he and Jim Jones became enemies, revealing that he went to Miami to shoot a movie with Cam'ron and that a fight between Chrissy and Yandy during the filming of Love & Hip Hop occurred, leading Jim and Mendeecees to exchange words with one another.

    He also adds that he attempted to diffuse the situation, but when Jim Jones met him at a housing project in Harlem to settle their differences, things got out of hand, leading to Jim being assaulted and chased.

    Although Mendeecees claims he has footage of Jim Jones crying in an embarrassing manner during the aftermath of their beef, he says that it was eventually squashed off the strength of Ruff Ryders CEO Darin "Dee" Dean, but that he and Jim have never spoken since.

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    Cam'ron Clarifies Jim Jones Being on America's Most Wanted

    One of the more interesting allegations that Jim Jones levied against Cam'ron was his disloyalty after he defended Cam'ron in shootouts, which resulted in him being on America's Most Wanted, a TV program dedicated to bringing criminals to justice. Cam'ron made sure to address that charge during his IG Live stream, clarifying that Jones' statement was a misrepresentation of his role in the ordeal.

    "No disrespect, who you shot, what gun you was shooting? Jim never had no guns, Jim never had no guns, b," he says.

    Cam'ron also mentioned a man by the name of Carlos "Zoo" Thompson, a Dipset associate who was the focus of the America's Most Wanted episode that Jim Jones had previously referenced, and not Capo himself. "What happened is this, the way America's Most Wanted did it, you know how they do the reenactments of how the shooting went down, or whatever happened went down, or whatever went down?" Cam shares. "They had a nigga in pink like it was me, they had a nigga red bandana like it was him. I wasn't even there when it happened or whatever."

    Clarifying that Jim Jones was never on America's Most Wanted as a suspect and that while he has been in the midst of shootouts defending the Diplomats honor, Cam'ron reiterates that Jim never shot anyone in defense or on the behalf of Cam.

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    Cam'ron Still Has Love for Jim Jones

    At the end of Cam'ron's Instagram livestream, he makes it clear that he has no ill will towards Jim Jones. "I want Jim to succeed, I'm happy he's happy, whatever he's doing. We came out of a rough neighborhood and made it into something. I want niggas to enjoy life at 40 years old," Cam admits.

    He continues, adding, "I don't got no beef with you, I love you, nigga, sincerely, my nigga, not even joking, I really love you. I wish you nothing but the best, let's enjoy our 40s and whether we do business or speak again, I wish you and your family nothing but health, success, and just happiness."

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