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2005: In the early hours of Oct. 23, Cam'ron was driving his blue 2006 Lamborghini down the streets of Washington D.C. during Howard University's Homecoming weekend, the rest of the Dipset crew in tow not too far behind, when a man donning a bandanna around his face allegedly throws up the Roc sign, points his gun at Cam and fires several shots.

The Harlem MC sustained a gunshot to each arm, but survived the incident relatively unscathed and even tried driving himself to the hospital before his car gave out and he had to get a ride from a fan. After being released from Howard University Hospital half a day later—still wearing nearly $200,000 in jewelry—Cam said his assailants did a "real sloppy" job. "I got shot three times and my album comes out Nov. 22," Cam told reporters before jetting back to New York. "We love Howard."

Months later, he would rap about the incident on the "Get Em Daddy" remix: "Hud 6 threw me back, a few they clapped/But I ate those, them shits Scooby Snacks."

In XXL's March 2006 issue, Cam relived the details of the night, and though it could have turned out for the worst, it seemed to be the least of his worries. Read the entire article, Money On My Mind, here.

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