Cam'ron and Juelz Santana are still flying the Dipset flag. While tension may exist between Cam'ron and Jim Jones, Killa Cam and the mayor of Santana's Town are still tight. The Diplomats members recently reunited for "Oh Yeah" and return to the track for a music video.

The visuals are pretty straightforward. Cam'ron and Juelz Santana get the company of some sexy ladies while delivering their rhymes in front of a simple background. Ultimately, this is a showcase for the record itself.

"Yo, he want to play with me, man/I play with triggers/Took the oven off my waist/Started baking niggas/Doctor brought her back to life/I'm like y'all breathing niggas/Went in the ER, told 'em stop saving niggas/Hood investor, silver Tesla/Check my dresser, I'm the best dresser/Who dress better/Salad nigga, you dress lettuce/What's his address/I'll address him like you address letters/Kanye daughter, pink fur and white tee/Sorry Mike, the kids want to be like Flea/Like me, make a movie, no Spike Lee/Tell girls politely/Come to the crib, it's icy," Cam'ron raps.

Cam'ron handles the hook duties as well as another verse on "Oh Yeah" before handing things off to Juelz Santana.

"So rugged but the hoes love it/Cold blooded niggas don't want it/My jewels, gold clustered and stone studded/Bitch in the shower, bone crushing and soap-sudded/Everybody dead, Dipset's most wanted/And I still got a boatload of coke coming/Selling that Nino Brown, getting that G money/Nickel rock, ki money, half oz money/Let me chill cause niggas got that speak money/Talk to police money, get out of jail free money/You got that no tambien, I got that capiche money/Got that where the fuck is my title/You got that lease money," Santana raps.

Hopefully this song is a sign that more Dipset collaborations are on the way.

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