Any day Cam'ron drops new music is a good day. The Dipset OG releases "D.I.A.," which features a classic sound bite from WWE legend Ric Flair. The song is produced by JB Music Group and Killa Cam doesn't miss a beat.

"Nope you never heard the word swagger/Shout to Dan man, but I define the word dapper/Dapper Cam, no clothes on/Gotta Prodigy, stab your brain with your nosebone/Shit, got that line from the Infamous/Black Trump though, look at my apprentices," he raps.

Before dropping this track, Cam's most recent record was “10,000 Miles,” a track on which he sampled Vanessa Carlton’s classic 2001 hit “A Thousand Miles.”

It was recently revealed that Cam is working on a new movie inspired by Richard Gere and Diane Lane's 2002 film Unfaithful. "Kinda 'once you go black you never go back' kind of thing, but it's kind of deeper than that," says Cam in an interview with Noisey.

He adds, "The movies that I've done in the past, everybody's been like 'Cam always gets away in a movie playing Cam. So, like, I'm trying to step outside the box a little bit just to show my range in acting."

The veteran MC is also planning to release his Killa Season 2 album this year and The Program, which will serve as a prelude of what’s to come.

Take a listen to his new song "D.I.A."

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