The name Cam O'bi may not ring a bell with many hip-hop fans, but listeners have definitely heard his music. The Chicago-bred producer has worked with the likes of Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar and SZA, and now has plans to drop his own album, Grown Ass Kid, later this year.

Ahead of the release of his debut project, Cam teams up with Smino for his first single, "TenderHeaded." Produced by Cam himself, the track features smooth production as Cam raps over a loop of himself singing "ooh ahh" and a baby laugh.

"Remember when I was a kiddo, growin' up in the middle/Windows lining my smile, silver teeth underneath my pillow/A nigga had a nappy head like a Brillo pad/Sister said I need to do somethin' about them beedy-beed naps," Cam spits, reminiscing about the days of his youth.

Along with some extra help from producer Dee Lilly, Cam revealed on Twitter that the baby laughs heard on the song come from his nephew. "And yes fun fact, the baby u hear on 'Tenderheaded is my actual nephew," he tweeted.

While Cam got his start as a producer, he told NPR he had other aspirations when starting off in music. "I thought that being in the background was more believable and more doable," he said. "Everybody says they want to sing, everybody says they want to rap, everybody says they want to be in the front. So I thought as a kid, if I told people that, they were just gonna kind of doubt me and be like, 'Yeah, you and everybody else.'"

In April, Cam revealed an official version of Chano's "Grown Ass Kid" would appear on his forthcoming album. "S/o to yall who reposted the leaked version of Grown Ass Kid the song to youtube after I had it blocked lol be patient the album is coming!" he tweeted. "And the real version of Grown Ass Kid the song will be on there. Don't be thirsty now."

Listen to "Tenderheaded" below.

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