After releasing his album 1993 in 2016, Caleborate is back with his newest project, Real Person. Full of soul-sampled beats, the album finds the 24-year-old rapper discussing relationships, his career goals, the struggles of breaking into the mainstream and even politics.

The 10-track album features the previously released songs "Bankrobber" and "Soul" and also includes the politically-charged "Down," which finds the rapper discussing the current presidency. Caleborate said, "My life drove me to create this album."

He added, "It's a culmination of my musical taste, experiences, feelings and views. It's my story. It's delivered in a much more palatable way than 1993 was. 1993 was extremely fleshed out and musically advanced and at times that was very necessary. I feel that Real Person delivers with solid bars, smooth melodies, and overall efficiency throughout."

During an interview with XXLthe west coast rapper described himself as a "revolutionary," adding, “I say revolutionary because I’m a Gemini and I just know myself. I’m not very good at not saying what I feel. There’s shit to me that happens in the world that I feel like if you’re an artist, a celebrity or entertainer and you have that platform, there’s a lot of shit that should be talked about.”

Check out the tracklist and listen to Real Person below.

Caleborate Real Person Tracklist

1. "Caught Up"
2. "Soul"
3. "Bankrobber"
4. "4 Willem"
5. "Wanna Be"
6. "Fine" Feat. 1-O.A.K.
7. "Down" Feat. Donte Thomas
8. "Life" Feat. MVCK
9. "Real Person"
10. "No Way"

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