The South has always had something to say and Caleb Brown, who hails from Baton Rouge, La., is making sure his voice is heard loud and clear. The talented rhymer has been dropping music online for the last few years, while incrementally building his buzz. He has a new EP on the way, Brown, with the first single being "Die a Legend," which is produced by Sonny Digital.

Caleb's first verse breaks down how tough his life was not too long ago. "I ain't have shit in my pocket/Ain't always have food in my belly," he shares, showing how deep he was in poverty. He raps, "Stuck in the bricks with a stick/Shit was just feeling like hell," later on in the verse.

He also pulls back the curtain on life as a rapper. "Lyrics is simple as shit/At least I can say that I wrote 'em" is a moment of self-assessment. Caleb also brings the listener back to reality: "I cannot relate to your Rover/Nigga, I'm still in a Camry." The hook is a repetition of "Bitch, I'ma die a legend" for the most part.

Caleb's upcoming EP Brown drops on July 20, and will be fully produced by Sonny Digital. It also comes in at five tracks, with features from Spacejam Bob, Jose Xavier and Childish Major.

Caleb Brown has kept the videos coming this year, dropping multiple visuals before the halfway point of the year. He released the video for his song "Hangin'," where he actually hangs himself at a house party. His late March video for "BatonStan Pt. 3" is just as grisly, while the Idk-assisted "Bleublk" shows Caleb in a sort of asylum.

Give "Die a Legend" a listen below.

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