Over the past year, Bzzy has switched gears to shed off the layers of his former moniker, Bizzy Crook. Today (July 20), the Miami rapper has returned to gift fans with a taste of his new alias as he premieres his latest effort, "Firefly," exclusively with XXL.

The Huss-produced record finds Bzzy detailing a troubling situation in which he finds himself playing with fire as he pursues a new flame. The jazzy production, which takes a cue from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, is complemented by Bzzy's deft wordplay as he rhymes about matters of the heart. "We don't ever talk about relationships/Cause our relations are the realest shit/We only talk about the realest shit/Where her mind at and where her spirit is," he spits.

Bzzy explained the deeper meaning of the song to XXL. "'Firefly' is a story about pretty much about wanting a girl you can’t have," he said. "She may or may not be a close friend of your girl. You’re also the spiciest guy alive so you go for it anyway. You never know what could happen. I wouldn’t try this at home though."

"Firefly" is the second single off of Bzzy's forthcoming album Before I Jump, which will serve as a follow-up to his 2016 effort A Part of Everything. While a release date has yet to be solidified, fans can expect the project to arrive as early as August. Bzzy says fans can also expect "a very honest and messed up story, beautifully put together," on the new album.

The While You Were Away rapper added, "Happy emotions, sad, love, hate, shame, guilt, pretty, ugly etc. Things we all feel and go through. We all put up this front where we don’t like to share the bad parts. Especially artists. Artists are some of the most messed up people you’ll ever meet. I’m telling you some of the fucked up shit I’ve done, and been through. I know I need to confront to move passed it. My music is something I do for me, and share with the world. When I address something on a song, I free it from my spirit. These are the things I have to get out, Before I Jump."

BIJ will feature guest appearances and production from Zoey Dollaz, Sylvan Lacue, Edsclusive, Jordan Manswell, Love Mansuy, Lexii Alijah, Nate Traveller, DopeByAccident, BiBi Borja and more.

Press play on "Firefly" below.


Good Luck Forever
Good Luck Forever

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