Buddy continues to shine with every new song. With Magnolia dropping this weekend, the Compton rapper releases "Type Of Sh*t” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Over Mike & Keys production—they were formerly known as The Futuristiks—Buddy and Wiz make a nice pair.

"Stumblin' all in the party, yeah we 'bout to get this shit started (aye)/I got the baby face, so at the bar, I still getting carded (yup)/All of this shit I'mma do tonight probably forget in the morning/Shit, finna' roll me up another one, I ain't been smoking enough," Buddy raps.

Wiz comes in at the end and provides his usual weed-friendly rhymes, "I'm zoning/Niggas takin' dabs/Yawnin' passin' out, not waking up 'til three in the morning/Honestly, I'm floating/I just brought a bag of God's greatest green grass to share with everyone that I knowin'/Obviously we been smokin'."

Magnolia is completely produced by Mike & Keys. The first single, “That Much," was released last week. Buddy last body of work was his Ocean & Montana EP that was completely produced by Kaytranada. The EP drops on Aug. 25, through Buddy’s own Cool Lil Company. Check out “Type Of Sh*t” below.

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