Compton rapper Buddy has a ton of momentum right now. Earlier this year, he teamed up with Montreal producer Kaytranada for a collaborative EP and recently he announced that he’ll be releasing another EP later this year called Magnolia, produced entirely by Mike & Keys, formerly known as the Futuristiks.

The first single off Magnolia is “That Much,” a high-energy record that finds the usually colorful Buddy aggressively telling haters to stay in their own lane.

"Niggas be actin' like they got a problem/Well, if it's a problem let's make it known/All of my culture they hangin' on/That's cause they know I be takin' off/Nigga I started way down at the bottom/And now I be causin' hysteria/Causin' hysteria, I'm causing global hysteria/This is hysterical," he raps.

It doesn't stop there, as Buddy keeps going in: "Drop the confetti/You should of known better than come and try fuck with my revenue/Takin' the W, because we come from the W/You takin' L's/I'm sparking the L's/Smokin' and counting the mail/We raising hell."

The Magnolia EP is out later this year via Cool Lil Company. Bump "That Much" below.

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