So it turns out Buddy and Kaytranada are dropping a new project together. Now, the two artists have announced their Ocean & Montana EP and dropped "Find Me," the first official single from their joint effort. Listen to it below.

"Find Me" sees a bunch of introspective lyrics from Buddy, whose song "Shine" was one of the more slept-on records of 2016. Using his lithe, but emotive vocals, the Cali artist takes us on a trip through his mind, where he realizes he's prone to telling himself lies while also reflecting on things like police brutality and his strained relationship with his family.

"And I fly by myself/Realizing that I can't hide from myself/Close my eyes just to see what's inside of myself/I cry by myself," he belts out in the song that sounds a lot like a cry for help. He's on his way to doing some big things.

With a beat that sounds like the audio-equivalent of twinkling stars, and those sorts of piercing, thoughtful lyrics, it's pretty clear Buddy and Kaytranada could have something very special coming our way.

We don't know too much more about Buddy and Kaytranada's new EP, but if the rest of the project is anything like this song, it should definitely be a dope one. We'll find out when Ocean & Montana drops on May 19.

For now, you can listen to "Find Me" below.

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