Brother Ali is set to release his new album All the Beauty in This Whole Life on May 5. With the LP due out in a little over a month, the Minneapolis MC provides some visuals for the lead single "Own Life (What Hearts Are For)."

The video features beautiful shots of the Pacific Northwest as a tribute to the late Jonathan Moore. The track sees Ali in top form, spitting his truth to the listener.

"Sometime I feel like a stranger, maybe I ain't from here/World going crazy, how could that be unclear/Know that I'm a soldier, heart's on my battleground/Sword in the holster, had to come back around/I ain't trying to hide away, I just had to meditate/I ain't got a lot to say but the ancestors may/Speaking to the whole globe, numbers don't occur to me/You can listen solo cause you're the whole world to me/I jump in with both feet, nothing low key/You can find me where I'm s'posed be, where my folks be/If you listen very closely you know who chose me/Nothing that I own owns me and so I'm so free," Ali raps.

Check out the tracklist for Ali's new album and watch the music video for "Own Light" below. You can pre-order All the Beauty in This Whole Life right now through iTunes or Fifth Element.

Brother Ali’s All the Beauty in This Whole Life Tracklist

1. “Pen to Paper” Feat. Amir Sulaiman
2. “Own Light (What Hearts Are For)”
3. “Special Effects” Feat. deM Atlas
4. “Can’t Take That Away”
5. “Dear Black Son”
6. “We Got This” Feat. Sa-Roc
7. “Uncle Usi Taught Me”
8. “Pray For Me”
9. “It Ain’t Easy”
10. “Never Learn”
11. “Tremble”
12. “Before They Called You White”
13. “The Bitten Apple” Feat. Idris Philips
14. “Out of Here
15. “All the Beauty in This Whole Life”

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