It's been a rough period for Texas, as Houston has been devastated by damages in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, but everyone is doing whatever they can to help out.

While some are stepping up to make donations to organizations to help residents of the city, and others are heading down there to assist in any way needed, entertainers are using their platforms to raise funds. Immortal Technique is headlining a Hurricane Harvey benefit concert in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, Sept. 23, and will be joined by a star-studded roster.

Also on the concert bill is Brother Ali, Slug of Atmosphere, Chino XL, Emilio Rojas, Bobby Sessions and plenty more, with all of the proceeds going to local charities that are working to aid those who have been affected by the storm.

Technique also gives an explanation as to why the concert is being held at The Korova in San Antonio.

"The venue in San Antonio was chosen because as I said before we were told by people in Texas that holding it in Houston was going to be logistically impossible and potentially divert immediate resources," the rapper writes. "I appreciate the advice of the residents of Texas and I really appreciate the venue Korova for helping us find sponsors and giving the full door for the people."

He also thanks those that worked with him to help put together the concert, which they hope will make a big difference for the community.

"I want to extend my appreciation to everyone who came forward to help put this together," he continues. "Not just the artists but the local residents, promoters, sponsors, venue and all of the staff that will be killing themselves behind the scenes. We look forward to seeing you all down there in San Antonio on Sept.23rd."

Check out concert flyer for the Hurricane Harvey benefit concert below.

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