American Boyfriend artist Kevin Abstract and his group Brockhampton are back with a captivating new visual for "Cannon," their first track of the new year.

Ever the visionary, Abstract takes a step behind the camera for the group's latest video, which uses palm trees and a residential street in California as the backdrop. The visual begins with a man standing in the middle of a road before he announces that he's making a confession. That's when he begins snapping his fingers and the song's hypnotic instrumental swoops in along with an aspirational verse from Abstract.

"This is everything I ever wanted though/Dreaming of a candy store," the "Echo" performer raps on the song. "Brother couldn't tell me no, no/So I need moments where I could be left alone."

After quick verses from Abstract and Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon enters the scene as his verse begins. During his part, the Thesis artist begins doing some exercises as the person from the beginning of the video continues snapping his fingers while rocking back and forth in solemn silence. Those are just a few images from a video that gets more peculiar as it goes on. It's weird, but it's also very dope. Peep it for yourself up top.

In other Kevin Abstract-related news, the MTV1987 rapper recently dropped a collection of tracks that didn't make the cut for American Boyfriend. You can check out the tracklist for the six-track EP, Kilmer 2below.

Kevin Abstract’s Kilmer 2 Tracklist

1. “Leader”
2. “Tear For”
3. “Jackson’s Song”
4. “American Boyfriend OG”
5. “Cry”
6. “For Mah Dawgs”

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