Recently, Bow Wow has become the butt of a number of jokes including the #BowWowChallenge but the rapper is now back to remind people who he really is. Bow Wow shares the first single from his upcoming Greenlight 6 project, "Yeaahh."

Rapping over a bouncy instrumental that features Gucci Mane's signature "yeah" ad-lib, Bow Wow makes reference to the infamous meme he inspired. "We at Liv on a Sunday, then hit Magic City Monday (lit)/And this ain't no #BowWowChallenge, got the jet on the runway," he spits.

The rapper also flexes on his haters, rapping about his luxurious lifestyle. "So many stones in the watch, don't know what time it is/And my bitch is steady trippin', got no time for the shit/So many bands in the safe, look like I robbed the bitch," he raps.

Earlier this month, Bow Wow revealed he was putting the finishing touches on Greenlight 6 and teased a new track. "Shots still the same, niggas/Why these other niggas switching up?" he sings. "Shots still the same nigga/All this money just a plus, nigga."

The project was originally supposed to release on Feb. 22 but missed its release date. There's no word on when the project will drop.

Listen to Bow Wow's "Yeaahh" below.

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