Boosie BadAzz is denying he got his nipples pierced after a fan thought he did.

Boosie Denies Nipple Piercing

On Sunday (Jan. 14), Boosie chopped it up with fans on Instagram Live. In the video, which can be seen below, the rapper is shirtless and ironing clothes. One viewer comments that it appears the Louisiana rapper has nipple piercings. Boosie vehemently denies the assertion.

"'I thought your nipples was pierced?’" Boosie said, reading the comment off his phone. "I don’t do no h*e s**t. I don’t do s**t that women do. You ain’t gonna never catch Boosie doing no h*e s**t. I’m a man, I let women get all they pride. You’ll never catch me doing nothing a woman do. That’s for h*es."

He continued: "All the n***as doing woman s**t, I don’t get it bro. You desire to be a woman. I don’t understand all them n***as you trying to take what women do and do it better. S**t, you wanna be a woman, n***a? Something in your head gotten to you and said you wanted to be a woman. That you done had dreams about being a woman. Let the women get their glory, man."

He added, "Women already got it hard enough. Don’t try to do what they do better then them. They got competition with they self. Why y’all n***as be wanting to do s**t that women do? Tthey already in competition with other women! They ain’t got time to be in competition with no men too. S**t is suspect, dog."

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See video of Boosie shooting down a fan's claim that the rapper got his nipples pierced below.

Watch Boosie Deny He Got His Nipples Pierced

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