The days of money phones—cash stacks people hold to their ears, imitating a telephone—might be numbered after JAY-Z, who's still an omnipotent pop culture force, threw shots at rappers using them on his new 4:44 song, "The Story of O.J." They might be, but not if Boosie BadAzz has anything to say about it.

In a fairly lengthy rant, the Baton Rouge, La. rapper acknowledges Hovi's influence—citing his track, "Death of Auto-Tune," and what he perceived to be a dearth of Auto-Tune usage in the months following the release of the track—but shoots down the idea that lyrics from Hov's song "The Story of O.J.," which details the lasting impact of slavery and how Black people can create generational wealth, will prevent him from using money phones.

“In Louisiana, [JAY-Z's] words don’t fly,” Boosie says in one part of the video. “If you’re trying to get JAY-Z money, you shouldn’t put stacks to your ear. JAY-Z don’t tell me what to do. I don’t know about ya but he doesn’t tell me what to do.”

“I got love for JAY-Z, but y'all telling me I shouldn’t put stacks in my ear if JAY-Z says it? These Louisiana niggas don’t rock like that,” Boosie continues at another point of the vid, clutching a fat stack of cash. “If JAY-Z tell you jump off the Eiffel Tower, you going to jump? JAY-Z don’t run the South! I’m still holding money to my ear.”

"The Story of O.J." lyrics Boosie is calling out features Hov rapping, "Y'all out here still takin' advances, huh?/Me and my niggas taking real chances, uh/Y'all on the ’Gram holdin' money to your ear/There's a disconnect, we don't call that money over here."

So, yes, Boosie's not feeling JAY's take on money.

Speaking of money, Boosie recently threatened to cancel a show in Riverside, Calif. because the show promoters—or Live Nation—apparently failed to meet one important condition of his contract: that his backend fee of $20,000 be paid in cash.

"They talking ’bout a check or some shit, Live Nation, I don't know what the fuck they got, but in my contract it says I get paid cash, so I won't be performing if they don't come with my money. I'm pretty sure Live Nation got the money, but if they fuck ’em, I don't give a fuck," he says in an Instagram video.

"I don't give a fuck who you is. I want my muthafuckin' money. If I don't get my money, I don't perform. It's on my contract, I get paid cash in my backend, I'm gon' sue the fuck out of you muthafuckas," Boosie continued. It's unclear whether or not Boosie canceled the show.

Check out video of Boosie's Instagram Live session and his Instagram post threatening to cancel his performance below.

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