It looks like Boosie BadAzz has found himself a new hobby.

On Sunday (Dec. 26), Boosie's girlfriend, Rajel Nelson, jumped on her TikTok account and revealed that the Baton Rouge, La. rapper is now practicing magic. In the clip, Boosie holds a children's activity book titled Coloring Book of Magic, and begins to flip the blank pages. "You see this book, there's nothing," he says while showing her the white pages.

Boosie then closes the book and waves his hand in the air. "I put my magic on it," he expresses before opening up the book. At that point, colored pages of rabbits, kids and other things magically appear on the once blank pages.

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Rajel surprisingly reacts by her boo’s sleight of hand. "Oh my gosh!" she wails.

"Fuck with me," brags Boosie. "Book me, Boosie BadAzz Magic."

A day earlier, on Dec. 25, Boosie posted a video on his own Instagram page, promoting T Magic the Celebrity Magician's "trick box."

"If you wanna learn magic, you gotta get the T Magic Trick Box," the Back 2 BR rapper suggested. He added, "I'm dedicated. I'm a magician now," before displaying artwork on the pages of the book before he seemingly made the art vanish.

He captioned the IG post, "MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄 👍🔥 @iamtmagic CAME THREW & TOUGHT ME MAGIC ‼️‼️‼️‼️."

It seems Boosie has been inspired to practice magic by his good friend and real magician T Magic the Celebrity Magician. There are several videos on social media of T Magic performing his art for various rappers and celebrities.

One hilarious clip features T Magic performing magic in front of Boosie’s family. In the video, T Magic sets a caged white bird on fire and a box of Popeye's chicken magically appears in its place. The trick leaves Boosie and his family in a state of shock.

Nevertheless, one thing that Boosie can't make disappear is the backlash he received after doing an interview for Vlad TV and saying that he doesn't believe the women who were abused by R. Kelly for many years. "This is how I feel about that. Everything was pushed to another level. You know, I just feel like R. Kelly like the young bitches," he said in the interview.

"All that shit, seducing and kidnapping and all this shit in somebody house, if you leave a bitch at the house and you go on tour for two weeks and she don't go nowhere, that bitch ain't been kidnapped," he continued. "She waiting on daddy to come home. You know, a bitch ain't been kidnapped. Bitch ain't been sexualized if she been in the bed with three, four women. You know, she hasn't been taken advantage of, because she is willing. She is willing. He just fucked up on the age part...if he did it. I'm not saying he's guilty or if he did do it, it's because of the age. The rest of that shit, they exaggerating, bro."

His controversial comments aside, Boosie is looking to supplement his rap income with a little bit of magic.

Watch Boosie BadAzz show off his new magic trick below.

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