Boosie BadAzz is pissed off. The Baton Rouge native goes off for over four minutes about his hate for law officers on his new song, "Fuck the Police x10." The anger can be heard in his voice and the bars hit as hard as a punch.

"Why you gon' shoot at the hand, die for the lick/Why you get shoot for the blacks, chasin' they head/What if your job got shot down for no reason?/He had no gun, hands up, shot for no reason/They charge him, said they gon' convict him, I don't believe/Protect and serve, they don't do it, so we don't need 'em," he raps.

At some points in the song, Boosie just vents about his disdain for police officers. "Pussy bitches, you know that you wrong/You shoot for no reason, you come in our homes, they don't wanna leave us alone/Pussy bitches, you committin' these murders/You scared and you nervous, your purpose is murder/You pussy bitches, I hate you with all of my heart/I hate how you look in 'em suits, I hate how you walk in 'em boots," the southern spitta delivers.

The anger is without a doubt stemming from an incident earlier this week when Boosie was pepper sprayed while shopping at a Dillard’s department store in Biloxi, Miss.

Back in 2009, Boosie released "Fuck the Police" with Webbie for his The Return of Mr. Wipe Me Down mixtape.

Listen to "Fuck the Police x10" below.

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