Boosie BadAzz is overwhelmed by the loss of life in the black community. The rapper's new single "Fly Away" sees him reflecting on the many black lives that have been lost due to the actions of police officers. Boosie expresses a sense of hopelessness with the current state of things in America.

Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray and Tamir Rice are all referenced on the track. Sterling's death hits particular hard for Boosie as it occurred in his hometown of Baton Rouge. The "World Wide Struggle" artist recently opened up about the situation in the capital of Louisiana. Boosie fears things will get worse if the officer who shot Sterling is not punished.

"It’s just all out craziness down there right now," he said of his city. "I don’t think it’s gonna stop until they really start convicting officers of doing what they do. If they don’t start convicting them of what they’re doing, it’s just gon’ keep on escalating. If that guy don’t get indicted and sent to prison for life, it’s gonna be another war. There’s gonna be another shooting. It’s just gon’ keep on going. ‘Cuz if people feel like they’re not protected by the police, and the police tryna kill ’em... Man, it’s gon’ get worse."

Baton Rouge has been in a state of turmoil since Sterling's death occurred on July 5. The city's situation only grew worse when a Missouri man shot and killed three law officers on July 17.

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