Jacob Banks, a Nigerian born, UK based soul singer/songwriter/producer grabs Boogie for Banks’ single “Monster 2.0.” The record speaks on the repression of society. The single is off of Banks’ debut major label EP that drops early next year.

"You build me up, you break me down/You said you're sure, you let me drown/You hid my crown, you burnt my bridge/You let me down, you're never 'round (uh)/Let's subtract all the fake, I don't need no additions/Like go with the sides, all them times I don't said they can't fuck with the vision," Boogie raps.

“Monster 2.0” is invigorating and thought provoking, combining Banks' powerful vocals with Boogie's profound lyrics.

"Monster is about social conditioning, you can't take away someone’s opportunity and then crucify them for the means they took to thrive," Banks explained when describing the song in an interview. "This song is for the everyday warrior, to remind you that you are G, you are the shit and protect your magic. It's incredible to be able to work with someone I am actually a fan of. I feel privileged to have Boogie bless this joint."

XXL spoke to Boogie earlier this year about the thinking process behind Thirst 48, Pt. II, love triangles, honesty and why 2017 is looking to be a monstrous year for him.

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