Bohan Phoenix, a Brooklyn-based Chinese-born rapper drops his newest record titled "Product." The new song is produced by Singaporean producer Yllis and showcases Bohan’s bilingual rapping prowess. On "Product," Bohan—who's currently touring overseas right now—raps about being a product of both the U.S. and China.

"Bring me a building, I burn down a building/Bring me to battle, observe how i kill them/Whatever you can do, I can also dismantle/Point is I am how I am and you can’t put me out like a candle/This just a sample, I got a crateful/Woke up alone I’m feeling so grateful," he raps.

"Product" is a follow up to Phoenix's self-released JALA EP featuring the Higher Brothers, producer Howie Lee, among others.

Bump "Product" below.

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