Bodega Bamz drops "Poof," the lead single off his highly anticipated forthcoming album, P.A.P.I., which drops in early 2018. The Da MVPz-produced track finds the rapper spitting about fake people who wear fake watches, women with fake asses and everything in between.

"Your shoes nine hunnid? Um, them shit's fake/Your watch bling-blingin'? Um, that shit fake/Your bitch got a fat ass? Uh, that shit fake/Hm, that's the truth, then I'm out like poof," he raps on the hook.

The record is the first introduction of the new Bodega Bamz. Earlier this month, Bamz celebrated the five-year anniversary of his debut mixtape, Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z., by re-releasing the effort on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and other streaming platforms for the first time.

Aside from music, he will also make his acting debut on Showtime's upcoming comedy series SMILF. The series premiere of the show is this Sunday (Nov. 5) at 10 p.m. EST.

Bamz spoke to XXL about his transition to acting last month. "The goal was to start off and the goal was to keep on progressing. I remember doing interviews two years ago saying that one day I want to be on the silver screen. I remember doing interviews saying this, I wanna be in Hollywood, I wanna act and I'm getting that opportunity now, you know what I'm saying? Every step of the way, baby steps and each door opens after every accomplishment, man, and it's just progressing.

"One day I wanna be in movies, obviously. This is my first role and I'm on Showtime. That's a blessing; I can't be more blessed. A lot of people, they whole lives they wanna be on Showtime and I got it my first shot. So I'm blessed and super appreciative for the moment. But yeah, you definitely gonna see me in more shit, definitely gonna see me in more movies, definitely gonna see me in more projects."

Bump "Poof" below.

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