The latter of Bodega Bamz's 2017 saw the rapper land an acting gig on Showtime's SMILF. Now, to kick off his 2018, the New York rapper makes his return to music with a new video for the song "Diddy Bop," produced by Nick Hook and Salva.

Borrowing elements of Puff Daddy's "Been Around the World" and Cam'ron's "Oh Boy," Bodega Bamz takes it back to the block for his Isam Muhammad-directed video. "I been around (papi, what)/I been around (papi, who)," Bamz sings during the hook. "She like the way I Diddy bop, you peep that/White mink, ice on plus Chanel ski hat," he continues.

As always, Bamz shows off his sense of humor, kicking off the video rocking New York Knicks shorts and a long pink jacket as he showcases his handles on the basketball court.

In October, Bamz landed a role on Showtime's SMILF as Carlos, a rapper and close friend of character Rafi (played by Miguel Gomez). According to the Harlem native, he originally auditioned for the role of Rafi but didn't get the part.

"I was kinda bummed out ’cause I really wanted to be a part of it," Bamz told XXL. "So when I got back home, I just continued business as usual and then a few weeks after they told me the network passed on me, they called my manager and they said, 'Listen, the creator of the show, Frankie Shaw, she loved him so much that she created a whole new character for him on the show and she wanted him to get back on the show.' So that's how I got back on the show."

Check out Bodega Bamz's "Diddy Bop" video below.

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