Bodega Bamz drops the video for his new song "All Eyez Off Me."

Directed by Salvatore Rubino, the treatment follows Bamz as he rides President John F. Kennedy style on the back of an old school Cadillac around New York City with two video vixens. In an alternate scene he posts up in a cemetery with a couple of his partnas while rapping on a huge grave marker.

The instrumental, which sounds like the soundtrack to a bad dream, is produced by P On The Boards. B Double catches the slow flow over the haunting soundscape.

The new track is off Bamz's upcoming mixtape project of the same name, which is slated to drop June 1.

Bamz is coming off the release of his debut LP Sidewalk Exec which came out in 2015.

"I’m bringing it back to that New York rap," he told XXL around the time of its release. "I rap better than any of you niggas, I storytell better than any of you niggas, my visuals are better, we back to that. I already gave you that trappy, bouncy shit. Now I wanna talk to you. I wanna rap to you."

As of late, the Spanish Harlem MC has been keeping a steady stream of new tracks on deck including the recently released songs "Ghost" with Hudson Mohawke and "Disney World on Acid."

Watch the video for "All Eyez Off Me," above.

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