Bodega Bamz jumps on young singer 3AMTOGO's "All Night" for the remix. Bamz adds a verse to the sensual late-night record. "Money don't buy love/That don't make sense to me/Pour a little out/Who's trying to get bent with me/Still live wild, Lil Papi with the book," raps Bodega Bamz over NSVN production.

Things have been going great recently for the 32-year-old rapper. He was recently casted for Showtime’s forthcoming original series, SMILF. Bamz will play a character named Carlos for the comedy, which focuses on “a single 20-something whose desires for relationships, sex, and a career collide with the realities of being a single, young mother.”

Bamz is hoping this opportunity leads to bigger future roles. In a recent interview with XXL, he expanded on his acting goals.

"One day I wanna be in movies, obviously," he explains. "This is my first role and I'm on Showtime. That's a blessing; I can't be more blessed. A lot of people, they whole lives they wanna be on Showtime and I got it my first shot. So I'm blessed and super appreciative for the moment. But yeah, you definitely gonna see me in more shit, definitely gonna see me in more movies, definitely gonna see me in more projects."

Bump the “All Night (Remix)” below.

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