Bobby Shmurda, who has been in jail since he was arrested on a litany of drug and weapons charges last December, has once again been denied bail. Today (Oct. 5), the 21-year-old rapper's new attorney, Alex Spiro, made his first appearance in court. During the proceedings, Judge James Burke set for Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, a new trial date of Feb. 22, 2016. According to the New York Post's Page Six, Spiro, who is of the high-priced, high-powered firm Brafman & Associates, argued that he should be released on bail for the interceding four months. (At the time of his arrest 10 months ago, Shmurda's bail was set at $2 million.) Shmurda's former lawyer was Kenneth Montgomery.

In response, Special Narcotics Prosecutor Nigel Farinha argued that the state's case has grown stronger since Shmurda's four previous bail applications were denied. Farinha also cited Shmurda's supposed ties to the state of Florida and his half-million-dollar net worth as means to constitute a flight risk. Shmurda is one of 15 people who were arrested as the culmination of an investigation by Farinha's office into a drug and weapons ring and a series of shootings, which resulted in at least one death. Since his arrest, those involved and those observing have questioned the motives of the state government and of Epic Records, the label that signed Shmurda after his "Hot N---a" became a runaway hit.

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