In another phone call from behind bars, Bobby Shmurda gave Hot 97 a number a frank look at his current life and mindstate. He repeats some of his more damning claims against New York police officers, including the allegation that upon his arrest, they told him they were tired of their children listening to Shmurda's music. He again danced around the specifics of how Rowdy Rebel--who was also on the line--ended up in solitary confinement. But the majority of the conversation centered on the mechanics of how the young artists might get bailed out of jail, and why it hasn't happened yet. The blame, according to Rowdy, belongs to Sony Records, not Epic; as the corporation stands to make, in his estimation, as much as $40 million off of GS9. Bail money should be a drop in the bucket.

But Bobby had more to say, especially about his management situation. A man claiming to be his uncle managed the young rapper for a short while after his career took off; Shmurda claims that as much as $100,000 went missing in that time. He now says he's been looking for new representation, specifically from someone with the experience and business savvy of 50 Cent. Shmurda says he's been trying to get in touch with 50's people "for the longest"; maybe now that it's public the connection will be easier to make. He also feels like he and his friends have been targets simply because of where they're from: "When I come out, my whole neighborhood come out," Shmurda said. "[The authorities] don't like that." When asked about Abillyon, fellow GS9 member, Bobby kept it simple, "we ain't really fuckin' with him right now." He continue on to say he gave Abillyon a $7,000 ring when he came home from jail but now Abillyon isn't supporting them while they're locked up.