And the Shmurda wave continues. Rowdy Rebel, who took lead on "Shmoney Dance," is at the forefront in GS9 crew's latest single, "Computers." The new single doesn't match "Shmoney Dance's" visceral appeal, but it does follow the formula with Rebel playing the rugged core and Bobby cracking the track open with his energy.

The video won't do much to stop the Chi-Town comparisons; mobbing around an expensive car is a hallmark of a Chief Keef video. Bobby Shmurda dancing his ass off hasn't lost his charm and the video does go along with the song's message: "You can talk, but we really out here."

"Computers," "Hot Nigga" and "Shmoney Dance" can all be found on the Shmoney Shmurda mixtape. That "Hot Nigga" remix featuring Jadakiss, Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes is on the way.