These are tough times from a social justice standpoint, as a lot of awful things are happening, from police brutality and onward. It's no surprise that the strife of this era is making it into hip-hop, and Texas rapper Bobby Sessions is melding his desire for change into his music with his honesty leading to a deal with Def Jam. His new video, "Pick A Side," features lyrics and imagery pertaining to all sorts of hot-button topics.

The mostly-dark visual starts out in a bunker of sorts, with Bobby Sessions leading a lecture. The faces of political figures are on the walls with their faces blurred; the people sitting in the crowd react and agree with Bobby's lyrics. The video closes with a call-to-action, with Bobby wanting everyone to stand up and turn the tides of oppression.

Bobby Sessions is upset and calling for Black people to build with their own more. "What ya know about, shaking hands, with the man that'll hang ya kid/Breaking bread, no relationship with kin," is both accusatory and a striking visual. "Taking bread, taxing niggas, Uncle Sam/Uncle Tom, treat another culture like the fam."

Speaking on a variety of current issues is nothing new for Bobby Sessions. His 2016 video "Black America" shined a light on police brutality. His much more recent song, "Like Me," was dedicated to his cousin who was killed by the police.

Check out the "Pick A Side" video below.

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