After keeping fans on their toes over the last year, Bobby Raps finally drops off his anticipated Mark mixtape, which hears him tapping into his serious side. Thestand4rd member, which is a collective consisting of four hip-hop artists including Allan Kingdom, has been making fans wait for a follow up to his collaborative Couch Potato EP with Corbin since 2015, and now we finally have a solo project from Raps.

The Minnesota MC delivers a 14-track project for his avid fans, which sees no guest features as to keep all of the vocal spotlight on his own content. The rapper recruits production work from the likes of Shlohmo, D33J and more, providing a slew of grittier beats that help Raps tap into his serious side.

If you recall Bobby Raps is known to flaunt more of his goofy side for fans and listeners in the past. The music community saw evidence of this when he appeared on Hamburger Helper's Watch the Stove mixtape that went viral last year. He's also released multiple videos that show off his silly personality, such as his previous visuals for "Welcome to the Hell Zone" with Corbin, which show him vomiting on himself.

Raps also lent his guest verse to Chester Watson's "Spliffs" record back in 2015, which saw critical acclaim from both of their fan bases.

Take a listen to Bobby Raps' new Mark mixtape below to hear him tap into his serious side.

Bobby Raps' Mark Tracklist

1. Purgatory
2. Know How It Feel - Interlude
3. Desensitized
4. Nobody Cares
5. Santa Barbara
6. Had 2
7. Winning
8. Black Ice
9. Dysfunctional Machine
10. Midnight Hour - Interlude
11. Famous Bitch
12. Highway Road - Interlude

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